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Tminus 10 is an open space focused in audiovisual creation and production. We put togehter the full knowledge of a team with T+10 years of experience in the communication market. We put together production, postproduction and creative process in a unique actor. We work hand to hand with our customers to enrich both in the whole creative process, from conception to finished job. We create in the edge of technology. Sources are limited. But there is something beyond technique that continues making difference. It guides our job: The power of Talent & Ideas. Discover creation in a "mind-media" full of feedback and creativity. If tecnhology makes easier the process, why not simplify the human factor?
We take care to reach your launch a full succeed.

Countdown has started. Welcome to Tminus10.

JF Calero. T-10 Founder.



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Sede: Alonso Martínez 2, 3º. 28004 Madrid.

T: 639 778 853